Christmas is the one time we can all take a break and enjoy the moment without worrying about what else is going on around us! As part of this we like to splurge a little bit on good food and alcohol and I’m sure a few of you are the same.

Below is how we are looking forward to spending our Christmas!

9pm – Christmas eve

All the presents have been wrapped and any young children are in bed. If you’re with relatives you might all be sitting around a Christmas film or open fire place. We think this is the chance to try something a little different than you would normally drink.

That could be a Baileys, a hot chocolate with Cointreau or even a snowball. We recommend saving the fizz until the big day!

6am to 9am – Christmas morning

Depending on how many young children are around, will go some way to impact what time you awake! We can’t think of any better way to start the day than smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a glass of the most acceptable morning cocktail, a mimosa!

We make ours with our Elderflower pure and fresh orange juice in a ratio of half and half, finished off with a touch of grenadine.

11am – Late morning

the preparation for dinner is well under way and the first presents have been unwrapped. Some may have even gone outside for a walk or sledge if you’re lucky and it’s white outside! Now it’s time to move on to something with a little more strength, for some that might be a beer and others either a red or white wine depending on what you’re having for food!

We like to make sure our bottle of fizz from earlier is finished first and then will go for one of the above options.

2pm to 4pm – Pre dinner 

Now that food is ready the real drinking can begin! We like to toast are meal, our guests and of course the chefs with a bottle of our very own elderflower sparkling.

The meal also brings probably the most important alcohol of the whole day, the brandy for the Christmas pudding, now we like our brandy butter and brand sauce to accompany the pud but it’s really important job is in how it is served!

Specifically allowing us to create an indoor bonfire! We like to accompany our cheeses with a bottle of our elderflower blush. To round off the meal completely though we like to go for a port or sherry as very rarely do we treat ourselves to this!

4pm to 6pm – Opening the last Christmas presents

Now is the time for something a little stronger to help you digest your meal. Recent converts to the Germanic tradition of schnapps we can highly recommend this as a way to finish off the largest of meals.

Although a whisky wouldn’t go amiss either!

6pm to 10pm – The wind down

This is the time we will be getting a little more experimental with our Christmas cocktails!

We liked the look of this grapefruit spritz (substituting the Prosecco for our pure elderflower) which is nice and light after the heavy Christmas meal and will definitely go towards helping you understand granddads charade’s!

Boxing day

Always a slower day we like to go for something that takes the edge off and can be consumed throughout the day. Our Elderflower blush is just the job, great on its own but also for accompanying yesterday’s leftovers!


After all that extravagance you’ve got a couple of days to recover before having another day of excess on New Year’s eve.