Fruit wine pairings with food

When you have cooked yourself a lovely meal the question comes as to what to drink with it, this applies across the board from a Champagne breakfast to a wine pairing with salmon. We have written about how to pair wine and food so we thought we should recommend some of our favourite wine pairings for our fruit wines!

If you find a great food and wine pairing it really boosts the flavour of both the meal and the wine and we think the below combinations of our fruit wines and food work brilliantly. Naturally having to taste our wine often we have experimented with a wide range of foods that you might not always think would work, for example wine and curry. We still have our best wine to drink with pasta to recommend though. 

We have split our food and wine pairings between those matched to our elderflower wine and the food paired to our elderflower and rhubarb wine.

Two Renegade and Longton Sparkling Wine Bottles with full glasses one of pure elderflower sparkling wine and the other blush elderflower and rhubarb sparkling wine
Croque monsieur with fried egg prepared to be served with an elderflower wine
French toast prepared to be served with Elderflower and rhubarb wine

Breakfast food and wine pairings

It is a rare treat for more than one reason to pair a drink with your breakfast. It normally means it is a time of celebration and a Champagne breakfast is in order and more often than not it means you have been able to lie in so that you are having a breakfast around mid-morning.

As it is rare that you get to enjoy a Champagne breakfast the food we have paired with our wines below is a little more extravagant than we would normally have as our breakfast.



  • The classic croque madame with a miso twist pairs excellently with our elderflower sparkling wine. Miso is one of our more unusual food and wine pairings!
  • A welsh classic, this rarebit with fried eggs gave a good balance of flavours to allow our wine to cut through.
  • The French know a thing or two about a Champagne breakfast and so we had to include a pairing based around the croissant, this traybake version worked brilliant with the elderflower wine.


  • French toast with strawberries and a fruit syrup, the recipe even uses the sparkling wine in making it so it would be rude not to drink the open bottle once the French toast is ready!
  • Potato rosti with smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise if you have ever asked yourself what to drink with smoked salmon we can highly recommend our elderflower and rhubarb wine! The potato rosti and hollandaise sauce took this to another level for us.
  • There is something luxurious about as simple stack of thick pancakes surrounded by fresh summer fruit and in this food and wine pairing covered in peanut butter


Lunch food and wine pairings

The bottomless brunch seems to have taken over from a Champagne breakfast as the first option for a glass of sparkling wine but there are many other options we explored for classic lunch options to be paired with our fruit wines.

Not requiring the celebratory occasion as much as for a breakfast allowed us to explore some simpler lunch options as well as the more extravagant food and wine pairings.

Linguine pasta dish prepared to pair with elderflower wine


  • There is something very summery about grilled fresh vegatables and this ratatouille linguine goes excellently with out elderflower wine making it even more summer orientated as a food and wine pairing!
  • A classic Italian dish but how do you choose the wine to go with pizza! Well we really liked this interesting cauliflower version with our elderflower wine as the earthiness of the cauliflower matches nicely to the floral elderflower flavours.
  • We have experimented with a wide array of cuisines with our wines and interestingly always come back to those with a South-East Asian inspiration as they seem to compliment our fruit wines. This is salmon salad was one of many examples of Asian cuisine which we have enjoyed with our elderflower wine.


  • Sometimes all you want is a simple salad for lunch but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass of sparkling wine, the fruitiness of this peach and basil salad matches to the strawberries in our blush sparkling wine.
  • We have found that wine and curry and especially sparkling wine and curry pair very nicely. We put our rhubarb wine with this Paneer Jalfrezi as the natural sweetness from the fruits cuts through the spicyness of the curry.
  • We had to include a sandwich in this list and this Salmon BLT worked on so many different levels with the blush!

Snack food and wine pairings

We all have a snack now and again and it’s even more tempting when you’re having a drink. Sometimes it’s a sneaky ploy by bars to get you to buy another drink by putting out a salty snack and sometimes you just feel you need something else whilst you are having a quiet drink at home.

Either way you should make the most of this and look to how your snack impacts the drink you have. More often than not most snacks designed to go with alcohol pair very nicely as they are reliant on consumers enjoying them side by side. Some of the simplest foods have paired very well with out fruit wines.


  • A classic bar snack in southern Europe the salted almond goes very well with our wine as well.
  • Another European classic, the olive likely pairs so well with a sparkling wine because of the saltyness in it.
  • A staple of the UK is the crisp which as a rule pair well with sparkling wine because the sharpness of a sparkling wine especially if it’s dry contrasts to the oils in the crisp, our personal favourite is a root vegetables crisp.


  • A sweeter option but one that works just as well, probably largely due to all the butter contained in it is shortbread! Even just on it’s own with our elderflower and rhubarb wine works really well.
  • Dark chocolate is another strong flavour to pair with a wine but the fruitiness of the blush contrasts nicely with the bitterness of the chocolate.
  • Edamame beans is a classic Japanese snack and one that is very healthy for you so makes the perfect food and wine pairing.

Dinner food and wine pairings

The classic time for a food and wine pairing and as such we have tried a lot of different cuisines with our fruit wines. We’ve made some interesting discoveries as well as reaffirming some classic combinations.

This is also the meal you can drink with whilst preparing it so even more excuse to open that bottle of sparkling wine to make sure it pairs with the food perfectly! 

Greek kebab ready to be eaten with elderflower wine


  • There is just something about salmon and our wines that works really well! This simple salmon dish allows the elderflower to remain nice and delicate as a flavour but balances the fish nicely.
  • We found creamy risottos work really well with the elderflower wine and this asparagus and mint version had the perfect level of freshness to pair with the wine.
  • A classic staple after a night drinking but this authentic version of the Greek kebab had the perfect balance of herbs and spices to go with our elderflower sparkling wine.


  • We’re not sure we’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like macaroni and we were surprised to find it went so well with our blush. We thought this recipe lifted to a whole new level again.
  • Another situation where the best wine to drink with your pasta dish was with this cod puttanesca spaghetti dish, although we might be slightly biased.
  • Our final food and wine pairing recommendation is another Asian inspired option with this spicy Korean chicken!

Our overall favourite pairing is possible one of the simplest being the salted almonds with our elderflower sparkling wine. There will be 1,000s of other combinations we still need to try which makes us even more excited to open more bottles of wine!

If you discover food you think pairs well with our wines let us know on social media as we are always keen to hear new ideas.

Lavendar shortbread in a basket to be paired with elderflower wine


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