Wedding Drinks

A match made in heaven?

– Brendan Thomson, Managing Director

When planning the drinks for your special day, it’s not what you should drink, but when! Everyone’s tastes are different, but planning the moments when you and your guests can wet your whistles will open up some potential ideas for which drinks you want to have and to hold on your special day.

Before these though, the trendy thing is to receive guests ahead of the ceremony with a Grooms’ drink – most likely a gentle cocktail or punch that is as refreshing as it is stimulating. Your nose for this should be guided by the season.

Table Drinks

These are the main drinks you’ll be bringing to the table – quite literally. No surprises here with wine – a red, a white, and a rosé if you’re that way inclined – plus bottled waters or soft drinks. There can be a lot of pressure for what you choose, with so many tastes to balance, so we’d suggest either choosing something that has sentimental significance, or liasing with your caterer for a professionally paired choice specific to your menu. It is worth spending more, even if this means serving less – after all, we want your guests to enjoy the day and end up remembering it too!

Special Toast

For speeches it is essential to make sure all guests are ready to raise a glass – and usually this means providing something fizzy. This will most likely be paired with either a desert or left in someone’s hand not long before wedding cake – so something that complements sweetness should be your choice. We have another offering which fits the bill but we won’t over egg the pudding (good advice for your caterers too that – no one likes an over-egged anything).

Signature Cocktails

Later in the evening after the initial euphoria has subsided, inject a little more personality into proceedings, and save time for punters at the bar, with some pre-ordained cocktails as recommended by the happy couple. You could even sprinkle a little competition into the affair, with something for him and something for her – though no matter who sells out quickest, remember it is true love that will win in the end…

A Tipple for Jitters

For a day about the couple, they are often neglected when it comes to drinking. Though everyone’s queing up to buy you a drink, you spend so long talking to relatives, being marched from photograph to photograph – that you’ll put down your glass and forget it. If anything, save yourselves for a special drink at the end of the night, or have somewhere secluded ready with a truly special bottle that you can enjoy alone. And if you must have something for your nerves – buy something special so it’s gentler on the soul that won’t be touched by anyone else, and you’ll have yourself another memento to enjoy together, and make the happy memories last longer.

Always remember – make sure there’s something special that is non-alcoholic to be enjoyed – it makes all the difference to feel like you’ve not been left out. Above all, have fun with the drinks at your wedding, and use it as another opportunity to personalise the day as yours.


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