Christmas cocktails to mulled wine and mince pies

Christmas is the one time we can all take a break and enjoy the moment without worrying about what else is going on around us! As part of this we like to splurge a little bit on good food and alcohol be that a Bucks Fizz with breakfast, a mulled wine with lunch or a Christmas cocktail with dinner. I am sure a few of you are the same!

Below we have put together a list of our favourite festive drinks, including taking a bit of a spin on some classic prosecco cocktails.

One bottle of Renegade and Longton blush elderflower and rhubarb sparkling wine and a bottle of pure elderflower sparkling wine with elderflowers and a golden ribbon
Christmas scene of mix of trees with a snow covering

Champagne breakfast or something a bit different

For some reason Christmas is the one time of year that it is acceptable to have a drink in the morning! This has developed the tradition in the UK of Bucks Fizz as a festive drink. Bucks Fizz is also commonly known as a Mimosa, depending where in the world you are, although technically there are slight differences in the recipe.


Bucks Fizz is the traditional Christmas champagne cocktail although in recent years it has become a common prosecco cocktail as well.  The original recipe for a Bucks Fizz is 2 parts champagne to one-part orange juice. Whilst for a Mimosa the ratio is equal parts orange juice and champagne.

Whether you prefer to call it a Mimosa or a Bucks fizz the taste is very similar. The orange juice adds a sweetness to the sparkling wine, giving it a light and fresh taste in your mouth. Personally we prefer the taste of our Bucks Fizz with a twist.

We can’t think of any better way to start the day than smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a glass of this most acceptable morning cocktail, either if you call it a Mimosa or Bucks Fizz! We make ours with our Elderflower pure and fresh orange juice in a ratio of half and half, finished off with a touch of grenadine. Starting with this Christmas cocktail in the morning is the perfect way to begin any day!

Photo from above of Christmas cocktails and breakfast including waffles and mimosas

Making the most of the Christmas drinks we are allowed

After a morning of Bucks Fizz/Mimosas the preparations of Christmas dinner can be eased along with something a little stronger, although maybe not too strong. This is the time for your Christmas champagne or if you prefer your Christmas prosecco, of course we are slightly biased on what we want to drink at this time and will go for our elderflower pure that we were using in the Bucks Fizz earlier.

If you have ventured outside for a walk and would like something to warm you up, then a mulled wine is the answer! Mulled wine can be made with a variety of ingredients and doesn’t have to just be red wine as the base, there are plenty of recipes showing white mulled wines. There are even examples of mulled sparkling wine cocktails, we think these work best with our elderflower blush and they makes the perfect pre-Christmas drink!

Time for the real Christmas party drinks to start

Once the food is ready the real drinking can begin! We like to toast are meal, our guests and of course the chefs with a bottle of our very own elderflower sparkling. The meal also brings probably the most important alcohol of the whole day, the brandy for the Christmas pudding, now we like our brandy butter and brand sauce to accompany the pud but it’s main role is in how it transforms the pudding, specifically allowing us to create an indoor bonfire! After the pudding we like to accompany our cheeses with a bottle of our elderflower blush as we think the fruitiness of the strawberries and sharpness of the rhubarb go very well with cheese, although as with any food and wine pairing it comes down to personal taste.

Table laid out with Christmas party food and Christmas party drinks
Three coupe glasses with different spritz sparkling wine cocktails including a Grapefuit spritz

After Christmas dinner is when we like to get a little more experimental with our Christmas cocktails! We liked the look of this grapefruit spritz (substituting the Christmas prosecco for our pure elderflower) which is nice and light after the heavy Christmas meal and will definitely go towards helping you understand grandads charade’s! If you are looking for any inspiration for your Christmas cocktails a good starting point is to look at a classic prosecco cocktail recipe and then changing one ingredient at a time (we always start with the sparkling wine).

After all that extravagance you’ve got a couple of days to recover before having another day of excess and festive drinks on New Year’s Eve, you can also make good use of any Christmas wine you have been gifted!

Christmas tree in pot with unwrapped Christmas presents


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